HealthPartners insurance plans and care system support health and well-being

Get your Medicare insurance and health care through one integrated system.

At HealthPartners, we not only have you covered, but we’ve also got your back.  Our Medicare members trust us with their health insurance coverage..  But did you know HealthPartners can also be your source for care? Because we can treat your sore back – or knee, or gall bladder – with care from our team of medical professionals. We believe that when your care and insurance work together, it’s easier to support your overall health and coordinate your care.

HealthPartners care system is in network

Founded in 1957, HealthPartners has been supporting health and well-being for 60 years. Our hospitals, clinics and health plans go by a few different names, like HealthPartners, Park Nicollet and Stillwater Medical Group. But no matter where you go, you’ll always find a team ready to partner with you. You can get care at more than 90 medical and dental clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in Minnesota and western Wisconsin:

  • 55 primary care clinics
  • 22 urgent care centers
  • 8 hospitals
  • 24 dental clinics
  • 16 pharmacies
  • 55 medical and surgical specialities
  • 1,800 physicians and 60 dentists

HealthPartners Medicare plans also have providers from other health care systems, so check the network listing for your doctor, clinic or pharmacy of choice. When you use in-network providers, you pay less for covered services. You can use out-of-network providers, but you may pay more for covered services.

Senior health for your unique needs

There are many ways to live your best life as you age. When you need special kinds of health care services, HealthPartners has care options. We know seniors and your needs, and we’ve been caring for Medicare patients for decades. You may be interested in these specialties for health care as you age:

  • Audiology
  • Eye care
  • Internal medicine
  • Orthopedics
  • Community senior care
  • Center for memory and aging
  • Behavioral health
  • Dentistry

Engaged in our communities for good health

Getting good care in a clinic or hospital is important. But it’s only a small part of what makes us healthy. Health also has to do with a good education, a good environment and a good community. That’s why we’re committed to engaging with the community. Our focus is on healthy children, mental health, nutrition and fitness, health equity, wellness and prevention, research, and education.

For more information about how we champion care and coverage, check out these quick facts.