How telehealth is changing the game for Medicare

Getting health care online is quick, safe and budget-friendly. Here are five reasons to give it a go.

As a nurse practitioner, I try to get patients back to doing what they love, fast. This often just takes a few minutes on your computer or smartphone. You guessed it – I’m talking about online care (which is a form of telehealth).

Here are five reasons to try it:

1. It’s quick and easy.

You can get care 24/7 wherever you are with an online clinic. Plus, you’ll dodge the sneezing and coughing at the doctor’s office. I work at HealthPartners online clinic, Virtuwell®, where you can answer a few questions and get a treatment plan in about an hour. And if you need a prescription, we’ll send it to the pharmacy you choose – even if you’re out of town.

2. It saves you money.

You could pay much less online than at other places (like urgent care). If you have insurance, your plan might cover some or all of it, though your prescription could cost extra – just like at the doctor. We’ll ask for your payment and insurance information, and even submit the claim for you. And we won’t bill you until the insurance claim goes through.

3. It travels with you.

My mom recently had a bad cold on a trip to Phoenix and I told her to try online care. This is a great option for vacations and trips up to the cabin. Virtuwell is available in 13 states and we’ll send your prescription to a nearby pharmacy.

4. It’s safe.

Online care comes from real providers who want you feeling well. My team of certified nurse practitioners has more than 280 years of health care experience. We work with board-certified physicians to provide the best care. If we can’t treat you, we’ll help you find the right in-person care and answer all questions for free.

5. It treats lots of minor conditions.

From the flu to bladder infections, there’s a good chance online health care can help. Virtuwell treats more than 60 common conditions! If you’re unsure, your online provider will help you figure out if this type of care is right for your condition.

Next time you’ve got something minor, try online health care. Before you know it, you’ll be back to doing what you enjoy most.