In good Medicare shape

What does it mean to be in good Medicare shape? Corinne Howard shares her experiences on a HealthPartners Medicare Advantage plan.

What does it mean to be in good Medicare shape?

After living in rural Ohio for decades, Corinne Howard moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2013 to be closer to her two darling granddaughters. Soon after moving, she met someone special, got married and officially settled in as a Twin Cities resident. A few years later, she retired from her career as a nurse to be a full-time granddaughter-sitter.

When she moved to Minnesota, getting in to see a doctor was high on her to-do list. “I needed to establish a relationship with a primary care doctor fast, due to pre-existing issues. I called a week before my move, which was happening on a Monday. The receptionist made me a new patient appointment for Wednesday. I asked her three times which Wednesday she was talking about because I was so pleasantly surprised with how quickly I got in!” It didn’t stop there. “My new doctor had reviewed all my Ohio records and knew about all my health issues before I came in to see her.”

Within 10 days of her first appointment, Corinne had specialist appointments with doctors she probably should have seen long before she moved to Minnesota. As a career nurse, she noticed a difference in how HealthPartners operated, with an emphasis on making care simple and more affordable. “One thing I love about HealthPartners is that they work as a team. After specialists reviewed my tests with me, they released me back to my primary care doctor. This was a money- and time-saver for me, as well as a good business practice! They clearly care about their patients.”

“They handled it all for me!”

When it came time to retire, Corinne needed to choose a Medicare plan. Based on employer offerings, she’d hopped from health plan to health plan, and had gotten to know a few local companies before retiring. “I was so disappointed when my employer switched from HealthPartners to a big national insurance carrier.” So shortly after retirement, Corinne switched back to a HealthPartners Medicare plan. “They covered all my care at Regions Hospital, plus my husband was happy with his HealthPartners Medicare plan. So, I called HealthPartners and talked to a very knowledgeable staff member. She answered all of my questions and sent me a packet in the mail which I reviewed. I called back immediately and signed up. I didn’t even have to call my former insurer to tell them I was starting with another company – they handled it all for me!”

When asked why she chose to switch back, Corinne explains, “I was sold on HealthPartners because I knew my husband’s good experiences with them, as well as my own experiences with their care professionals. I knew that if the caliber of clinicians was as high as it was, that dealing with staff through my plan would be just as good – and it has been! HealthPartners member services representatives are great to work with and there’s no wait time to speak to someone. They really listen. I’ve never had a disappointing moment with my plan.”

In good shape means a good balance.”

We asked Corinne what being in good shape means to her. She talked about enjoying life and staying in balance. “Being in good shape means I’m able to maintain a lifestyle that is enjoyable. I want to be able to babysit my granddaughters, maintain my household, be socially active with family and friends, and sometimes just relax and have some me time. In good shape is all about a good balance of activity and rest in my day to day life.”

She also mentioned money. Money problems are one of the biggest issues for aging people on limited incomes, and having the right Medicare plan makes a huge difference. “My HealthPartners Medicare plan allows me to have the peace of mind to know that I can stay in good shape and enjoy my life without worry. I know I’ll be in good shape should I need medical care, because my plan’s deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses are reasonable!”

“If something crops up, I know I can take a deep breath.”

Especially during a few rocky years, Corinne is grateful to have a trusted partner by her side. “HealthPartners has helped me live a happy lifestyle, in spite of imperfect health. And if something crops up, I know I can take a deep breath. I’m in excellent hands, with individuals who want the best for me.” What more do you need to stay in good shape?

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