Can my spouse and I sign up for Medicare together?

You’ve done everything together. Should signing up for a Medicare plan with your spouse be any different? The short answer? Yes.

As a married couple, you’ve probably done everything together for quite some time. So it makes sense that you’d like to find out if you and your spouse can sign up for Medicare together.

I often get asked this question by people getting ready to sign up for Medicare. The person would like to sign up their spouse at the same time but it’s not possible.

Medicare eligibility is an individual thing. Let’s talk about why. Medicare’s eligibility requirements and initial open enrollment period are tied to your birthday. All accumulators, like the number of office visits or the dollar limits for services, are tracked individually.

You have a seven-month window around your 65th birthday to sign up for Medicare and that date may overlap with your spouse’s sign-up window. Even if that occurs, you can select the same type of plan at the same time but you can’t be on the same plan.

Rest assured, you’re not missing out on any special discounts or rates for couples. Medicare only offers plans for individuals. You’ll each pay the same rates as individuals.

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